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The meet-up:

Today, we had debating. There was six highly motivated people who came who were eager to improve their debating skills: me (Hemen), Gunnar, Anna Levina, Ana Frutuoso (the judge), Sarah and Gro Engen from JCI Innovation. It was pretty fun!

First we had the judge decide of what is the debating topic. The first was «Diesel cars should be forbidden in Oslo when level of pollution is high».

Debating round one:

Team 1 : Hemen and Gunnar

Team 2: Anna and Sarah

Judge: Ana Frutuoso

Me and Gunnar were debating against Anna and Sarah. We prepared what we would say, and who was going to be the captain. I was the captain. Then some minutes later the debating started. I opened with the introduction and Gunnar was telling about his story as the leader of association of diesel cars. After that I did the ending summary. All together that adds up to 2 minutes, 3 minutes, and 2 minutes. Gunnar talked about diesel being good and having time to do workouts with diesel cars. I talked mainly about Donald Trump saying global warming doesn’t exist and that ring 1 and ring 2 doesn’t exist, and that it’s made up by mainstream media.

Sarah and Anna argued for that the health of the citizens in Oslo will be improved without diesel cars. Also they argued for that less diesel cars will lead to less pollution and global warming in the world.

The team of Sarah and Anna won, they were the better team. This time.

Debating round two:

Team 1:  Gro and Hemen

Team 2: Sarah and Gunnar

Judges: Anna and Ana

The topic for the next debate was “Meat should be forbidden”. Me and Gro were arguing for, and the other team debated against. Me and Gro made our plan for the debate. Gro was captain this time.

She introduced with talking about having the right to choose between meat and not meat, having more energy with meat, that human brain evolved with meat. I then told a fictional story of me trying to be vegan, saying I lost my social skills and gained more weight with vegan food and then lost all the weight with meat. I also told the fictional story of a friend who became vegetarian and ruined her life because of that. Gro ended it about summarising what we talked about.


Debating is a lot of fun!  At our trainings you can get constructive feedback, so you can improve your debating skills next time and be better. And also you go out of your comfort zone and develop yourself as a human.

Join us for the next debating class in March!

Hemen Ghaderi

JCI Oslo



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