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Junior Chamber International (JCI)

… is a non-profit non-governmental network of young active citizens who are between ages 18 and 40 years. It was founded in the city of St. Louis Missouri in 1915 but became an international organization in 1946.

Today, JCI is the largest young people organization in world with presence in 124 countries, having nearly 200,000 active members and more than 10 million Alumni in over 5,000 cities and territories.

The Mission

… of Junior Chamber International is “to provide development opportunities that empower young people to create positive change”. This it does with emphasis on providing young people with the necessary skills training, international exposure, exchanges on best practices, entrepreneurship and more importantly ability to identify needs, analyze those needs, formulate and deploy targeted actions for a sustainable solution. This is what makes JCI Active citizens of the world.

The World Headquarters

…of Junior Chamber International is in St. Louis Missouri and JCI is operating four regional offices in Togo, Germany, Paraguay and Japan from where services are provided to members and partners around the world. Therefor JCI is the choice organization for every young citizen.

Campaigns and projects

… in more than 5,000 cities and communities around the world exemplify JCI’s international profile. These projects cover areas like education, poverty reduction, health and environmental sustainability, relief efforts in disaster stricken countries, hospitals, social equality, entrepreneurship and job creation, peace and many more.

One year to lead

… is a basic concept in Junior Chamber International. That means for every office you hold, you hold for only one year. There is no such thing as second tenure and this is an example of what selfless service should be.

JCI has partnerships

… with such reputable international organizations as; International Chamber of Commerce – World Chamber Federation (ICC-WCF), United Nations Foundation Nothing But Nets Campaign, UN Millennium Campaign, United Nations and the UN Development Goals, United Nations Global Compact, Pan American Health Organization, UNESCO and runs joint projects with these and other partners. JCI in their member countries also have similar partnerships with a number of other organizations. A look at the JCI Website www.jci.cc indicates it is a truly international organization but with local and national impacts.

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